From: "Fred W. Buhl" 
Date:          Wed, 22 Dec 1993 09:28:22 EDT
Subject:       A Bizarre Cautionary Hymn for Future Times...
Since I firmly believe that Bob Forsman will be the center of a technological/ spiritual/ personality cult in the early part of the next century, the culmination of which will result in the Collapse, the final decline of Western/Eastern civilization, I was thinking about what their hymns would be. ``A Mighty Fortress is our God'' came to mind, and then the rest of this, a Bizarre Cautionary Hymn for Future Times:

(Note: You could sing it to the first four bars of ``God Rest Ye merry Gentlemen'', if you sing them over and over and over. No, I haven't tried it.)

A Mighty Forsman is our Bob
a fearsome sight to see
but he plays Netrek much too long
lurking in CSE.

His garb is Army Surplus,
his habits most bizarre.
His GRE scores frighten us,
but can he drive a car?

He calls himself a Mutant,
his friends always agree.
He looks a bit like Jesus Christ
on strong amphetamines.

He dreams of nuking strangers
by pressing remote keys.
But no one saw the danger
of his M.S. Degree.

If he should ever start a cult,
the human race is run,
because 1000s Sons of Bob
could wipe us out for fun.
Robert Forsman / <>
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