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Complete List of Deckmaster Cards

The Collectors' Edition of Magic: The Gathering retails for $49.95. Mine came in a brown box with the cards separated into 6 plastic-wrapped groups of cards (certainly to simplify packaging). The bottom of the box has this message:

``This special collectors' edition of Magic: The Gathering contains all 302 cards from the original Deckmaster series of playable trading cards. The complete set is augmented with duplicates of the many land cards, making a total of 363 cards. These cards are produced in a special collectors' format with square-cut corners and gold borders. So pick up the Magic: The Gathering Collectors' Edition and explore the whole world in one box. ''

Here follows a list of all the names of the cards. I originally wanted to type in the text of all the cards an maybe even scan in the illustrations, but I don't have permission from WotC and I would be violating their copyright. I also don't have time.

Plastic Wrap 1

(it sure smells funny when you open them, like wood stain or something.)

Plastic Wrap 2

Plastic Wrap 3

Plastic Wrap 4

Plastic Wrap 5

Plastic Wrap 6

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