timelimit - spawn a subprocess and if the child does not finish within the time limit either kill it or exit leaving the child in the background.

netpipes 4.2


timelimit [ -v ] [ -nokill ] time command args


timelimit is used to limit the amount of foreground wallclock time a process consumes. Once the time limit expires timelimit will kill the process unless -nokill is specified.

If -nokill is specified timelimit will wait for the child to exit until the time limit expires. If the time expires before the child process exits then timelimit will exit, leaving the child in the background.

-v adds some diagnostic messages.

time is an integer in seconds, unless you put a suffix on it. m is minutes; h is hours; d is days; M is months (30 days); w is weeks; Y is years (365 days).


timelimit 5m faucet 3000 --out cat time-sensitive-info


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Francis Liu <> suggested that I modify timelimit so that it doesn't SEGV when invoked with no arguments.


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