The Memorial Shrine to Really Fuckin' Rude Humor

A.K.A. the unofficial Mike's Madness Home Page

There's this guy named Mike Beebe. I don't know how to pronounce his last name. I don't know where he lives. I'm not even sure he's for real. There's allegedly some guy named Steven Bancroft who forwards the ravings of this lunatic to the internet (I get it from the Dog List). Guys like me eat it up.

I would say that this Beebe dude has had a major influence on my sense of humor, but then he might feel obligated to blow his brains out as a way of apologizing to the rest of the world, and I, for one, want to see this guy keep spewing mindless drivel labeled as humor.

My pal Eric Johnson started archiving this crap a long time ago and it has accumulated here.

The primary themes of Mike's Madness include

Without further ado we bring you

the shit list

Issue 1
Term Project. Quotes.
Issue 2
Cable Guide
Issue 3
You know you're a loadie when...
Issue 4
How much do you know about
Issue 5
Mikes trip to Australia as a teacher (with quiz)
Issue 6
Quiz about Italians. Quiz about Germans.
Issue 7
The Adolph Hitler Show. Rex, the wonder dog.
Issue 8
KZAP loadie call-in
Issue 9
Music criticism. The Pope on masturbation.
Issue 10
A bit about Chess. Bestiality.
Issue 11
Alice in alcoholicland. Pi to 20 billion digits. St. Steve. 20'th century fox. My personal fave: Smoke Your Weight in Columbian
Issue 12
(season premier?) In memory of Graham Chapman. Sheep fondling. Venomous animals. Art appreciation. smut. Foxbase.
Issue 13
Australian nature show. Record commercial. STTNG smokes dope and meets the McKenzie brothers (sp).
Issue 14
Oversized mouse. Ad for software packages. Rin-Tin-Tin.
Issue 15
TV censors. Apple sucks. Fun with Apple salesmen.
Issue 16
Letter bombs. Rudolph Hess sketch. British TV. Wasteoid phone call in the AM
Issue 17
COPS. Ralphing through Russia. Another Apple flame. Top 10 reasons not to smoke three joints before you go to bed. BBC skit.
Issue 18
American History Tour. BOGARTMAN! The American abroad
Issue 19
Dog that looks like Hitler. Interesting People. A.L.F. (Australian Life Form). TurdPerfect
Issue 20
Movies: Smokey & the Bandit (part 8). Hot Rod Hitler . Rotten Bastard Travel. Science Fiction. Steve's Madness. Bowling for Repo-Men.
Issue 21
Sittin in the park. Another Apple flame.
Issue 22
Music? sheep. apologies. STTNG - Wesley tests positive for drugs. PBS beg-a-thon. Reading Rainbow. Salesmen. Wrath of God.
Issue 23
STTNG meets pot smuggler. Oral Sex. :-). Two bits about Germany. Jesus Christ superstation. Where in the Zork is Carmen Sandiego?
Issue 24
Natural disasters. Pat Buchanon flame. Pope tripe. A bit about Sherlock Holmes. Madam Cloaca. Rudolph the Red-Reared Reindeer.
Issue 25
Unsolved Mysteries. Close encounters of the 5th kind. Stoners on Ice.
Issue 26
Antique shopper. Knarks in space. Silence of the Spams. Marylin Quayle. Silence of the DRAMS. Jodiebase III. Sherlock Holmes. Another apple flame. Great anticlimaxes of history.
What prompted me to build this shrine? We were at the salty dog one Wednesday (4-19-95) not talking about the Oklahoma city BATF bombing and I mentioned it needed to be done (the page, not the bombing, dumbass). Eric agreed. And the world will never be the same.

But that's quantum mechanics' fault, not mine.

From: "david"

You pronounce the lunatics name beebe as "BB". Get it, like BB King.

And ya he is real, and he lives in Northern California, used to live in Sacramento. That is where Consumnes River College is.

I can not believe people have kept Mike's writing. The world never cease to amaze me.


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