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I took most of the stuff that could be offensive off my main page and put it in here. What the hell am I supposed to do? I'm trying to suck in corporate bucks and have to put up a decent front.

This page, and any pages accessed though it, should not be construed to reflect any official opinion. On the contrary. Much of this stuff has nothing to do with my straight job. Any problems you have with the content are stricly your own. If there's a possibility you might be offended, quit reading. If you get offended after this warning, go pound sand. If you think I'm twisted, go read alt.tasteless. That's something I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot plasma cannon.

Then there's the silly stuff

Here's a christmas carol someone wrote about me.

Here's a parody I wrote about myself and netrek.

And shortly after Christmas '93, I bought a deck of cards for a strange game.

Do you want to know why you shouldn't use csh?

I volunteered for Atlanta Interop 1994. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, and I missed out on the alcohol-inclusive Hyatt coupons.

BTW, all my friends tell me that Wellfleets suck

I have ISDN to my house finally!

My Aunt Heather made some sketches while my brother and I talked with our Uncle Mike.

The Internet Netrek League's ftp site is here.

I have created a shrine for Mike's Madness.

I found The Wacky Hexen Page and I laughed until I stopped laughing!

This painting has special meaning for me.

My friends with web pages

My landlord's lovable cat Devin. She's a cute cuddly old girl. Unfortunately ``her warranty has expired'', so he's thinking about harvesting a few cells so she can be cloned later.

My pal, Mike Murphy: musician, freenet volunteer, co founder (with Bobby Krupczak) of the Salty Dog Night, and all-around cranky bastard.

Kevin Marron lived with me in the DangerHaus for many years. Dig his exhibit.

Skydivin', drinkin', hackin', network maintainin' Top Dog: Eric Johnson. He headed south.

The one, the only, the almost scary if he weren't so cuddly and bald, Mike Wolghemuth. Tallest member of Smack Doris.

Mark Farone, fan of noise, man of many talents including, but not limited to, putting up with Win95, Novell, Solaris, Sybase, and Macintoshes.

Iain Moffat whom I would like to pummel at Deathmatch on a regular basis, assuming we can get ISDN modems and bridge IPX over them. He runs some computers in that parody of a network known as HealthNet.

Volleyball-playing Bradley Spatz who's pretty scarce these days.

Monica Sweat. She's been around forever it seems. I don't know when she'll finish her Ph.D., but I hope it isn't too soon. She still has to do some miracles with the Image Algebra.

Andy Mitchell. I don't know what he does these days. He's probably still wishing he had a degree.

Frank Soria. He managed to escape Gainesville and is working for HP as far as I know.

My former roommate Jodi and her boyfriend Gary Ashburn.

George Randall Fischer who probably wishes he wasn't listed here.

Donald Maclean, the informal poobah of the Clan MacLean mailing lists.

Some of my favorite links

DADA is one of the major influences in my life. It's why I watch so much T.V.

Happy Puppy Games list

Fractal pictures & animations. Pity it's at one of those wanker sites that keeps giving you the ``Too many users are connected to this server'' message.

International Interactive Genetic Art.

International Interactive Genetic Art II.

MIT's Technology Review

I'm embarrassed to admit I watch Star Trek Voyager. If the insipid writing doesn't get to you, the completely bogus misuse of technology will.

My pal Gary Parnes works for Digi, and evidently there are some mostly working drivers for Linux that work with their hardware.

I don't really know what to make of the LIVE NUDE VIDEO TELECONFERENCING on YOUR PC page. Evidently it's for real (I read about it in WiReD). The net is getting stranger.

The Internet Shopping Network.

At least a Jackaroo hat if nothing else.

although I'm told the domain name is currently under dispute.

A gopher site with some product info.

The Security APL Quote Server.

I don't know what the hell is up with Conspiracy, Control & ??????, but it's visually impressive, if a bit busy. It's very Bronner-esque (Dr. Bronner, the wacky guy who makes Dr. Bronner's Miracle Soap. Look for the soap in an ``organic'' grocery store and read the label. It's a hoot!).

Some dude cashed one of those "sample checks" they send you with the sweepstakes scams, and it passed! Now they want the money back and he's not giving it up because they failed to comply with regs. Read all about it!

Then there's the weather in Gainesville during

Normal people can be thrown in jail for making pictures of money, but the Treasury Dept. did it, so I deny all culpability.

I watch quite a bit of TV, but only a few stations:

Yes, I swiped most of the links from Yahoo. I miss the Animaniacs on FOX. I desperately want a medium-sized plush Brain doll. He's my hero.

I call it The Underworked, Bored Housewife's Dream Page but he calls it Raplh's Sweepstakes Page.

If you're still reading that means I haven't managed to offend you yet. Here's my last attempt at making you cringe. Read my philosophy page called White Hot Lesbo Action! It's chock-full of gratuitous profanity, like me.


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