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__author__ = 'thoth'

# This is an attempt to catalog all the proper strings necessary to
# create all types of nodes used in cycles shaders.  The fact that
# the argument to is different than the resulting n.type
# is a puzzle and an embarrassment.
# Most are documented at
# but a few are missing from that page and demonstrated here (NodeReroute, NodeFrame).

# See also the blender source code:
# blender/release/scripts/startup/

import bpy

def tag_from_type(ntype):
    technique from
    return str(ntype).rsplit('.')[2][:-2]
def make_node_examples(parent_frame, nodes, tags, x):
    y = 0
    for tag in tags:
        n =
        n.location = (x, y)
        n.hide = True
#        n.width_hidden=60
        n.parent = parent_frame

        y -= 60

        tag2 = tag_from_type(type(n))
        if tag != tag2: # sanity check
            print([tag, n.type, tag2])

def node_with_type(nodes, type):
    for node in nodes:
        if node.type==type:
            return node
    return None

def make_all_cycles_nodes():

    tags_input = ["ShaderNodeTexCoord",

    name = "catalog"
    mat =
    if mat is None:
        mat =

    mat.use_nodes = True

    nodes = mat.node_tree.nodes
    for node in nodes:

    fr_input ="NodeFrame")
    fr_input.label = "Input nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_input, nodes, tags_input, x)


    fr_output ="NodeFrame")
    fr_output.label = "Output nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_output, nodes, ['ShaderNodeOutputMaterial',
                                          'ShaderNodeOutputLamp'], x)


    fr_shaders ="NodeFrame")
    fr_shaders.label = "Shader nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_shaders, nodes, ['ShaderNodeMixShader',
                                           'ShaderNodeVolumeScatter'], x)


    fr_textures ="NodeFrame")
    fr_textures.label = "Texture nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_textures, nodes, ['ShaderNodeTexImage',
    ], x)

    x += 300

    fr_color ="NodeFrame")
    fr_color.label = "Color nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_color, nodes, [
    ], x)

    x += 200

    fr_vector ="NodeFrame")
    fr_vector.label = "Vector nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_vector, nodes, [
    ], x)

    x += 200

    fr_converter ="NodeFrame")
    fr_converter.label = "Converter nodes"

    make_node_examples(fr_converter, nodes, [
    ], x)

    x += 200

    fr_script ="NodeFrame")
    fr_script.label = "Script"

    make_node_examples(fr_script, nodes, [
    ], x)

    x += 200

    fr_layout ="NodeFrame")
    fr_layout.label = "Layout"

    make_node_examples(fr_layout, nodes, [
    ], x)


    coords = node_with_type(nodes, 'TEX_COORD')
    img = node_with_type(nodes, 'TEX_IMAGE')
    emit = node_with_type(nodes, 'EMISSION')
    out = node_with_type(nodes, 'OUTPUT_MATERIAL')['UV'], img.inputs[0])[0], emit.inputs[0])[0], out.inputs[0])

    img.image =[0]

    return mat


obj = bpy.context.active_object[0] = make_all_cycles_nodes()

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